I work as a Creative/Art Director
at Genki, a creative tech company
in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Apart from that, I’m also a part-time faculty at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, a member of the editorial board of HA design magazine and a board member of the Icelandic Graphic Design Association. I graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012 and started working at Jónsson & Le’macks, a leading branding and advertising agency in Reykjavík, honing my skills in branding especially but also growing in multidisciplinary ways of creativity in other projects.

My BA thesis at the Iceland Academy of the Arts from 2012 was about the connection between daydreaming and creativity.
Diving into the neurological state of creativity I realised that the creative state can be obtained or enhanced through music.
The AlphaWørk playlist is curated to lower your heartbeat, resulting in lower frequency of brainwaves that are necessary for your brain to process new and old information and create new connections. 
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